The World’s Simplest Green Chicken Curry with Rice

PRESS PLAY This was so much fun to write and put together I just know I’m going to do more. Meanwhile, for a bit of fun, let’s see how many errors you can spot – write them in the comments below (Along with any praise-like comments you might wish to throw in there. Please)

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My new BFF Poh thinks I’m hilarious, as you can see here in this photo I had nothing to do with. SunRice asked me to chat with Poh and put this post together. I hope they call back with more tasty ideas.

I’m all for dishes where you get to exchange minimal effort for maximum flavour and satisfaction. Bacon and eggs. Tuna bake. Cheese toasties.

And Green Chicken Curry, which you might mistakenly think takes an hour and several Tafe courses to produce properly.

This recipe actually takes so little time (it’s only 5 steps and 9 ingredients), and is such a lovely day out for your taste buds and your belly, I always spend half the time shovelling it into my mouth wondering why I’ve waited so long to whip it up again. It’s also the perfect winter warmer.

Preparation is the key here. Put your rice on, prep the rest of the ingredients then light your stove. The cooking of the curry itself only takes five minutes.

Because Poh Ling Yeow is the SunRice ambassador (as well as host of SBS’ ‘Poh & Co.’ and runner up of Masterchef season 1), and SunRice as sponsoring a couple of posts on my blog, I had the chance to chat with her a bit recently. I went a bit fangirl on her, but she pretended not to notice because she’s wonderful. Or she was ignoring me and focusing on the other five people online. One of those for sure.

So anyway, I got to ask Poh what she thought were the biggest mistakes people made when cooking rice.

“The most basic mistake is too much water which will produce gluey stuck together rice and the other is to not allow the rice to sit for at least 5 minutes after cooking before loosening the grains, which is in itself also very important.”

She knows her stuff. Also, I’ve been doing it wrong. All of it.

Which is sort of great anyway, because now I can genuinely say ‘Poh taught me this’ when I serve up my superior rice.

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My mouth is watering looking at this photo. I have a serious theory green curry paste is addictive.

You will need:

1 1/3 cups SunRice Jasmine Rice

1 Onion, sliced

300g Skinless Chicken Breast, sliced

1 Green Capsicum, sliced

1 1/2 tbsp Thai Green Curry Paste

400ml Light Coconut Milk

250 mls Chicken Stock

100g Snow peas, topped and tailed

1 Small Bunch Coriander

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STEP ONE.  Cook SunRice Jasmine Rice as per pack instructions  (simmer for 15 minutes or until soft and cooked).

STEP TWO.  Saute the onion and chicken in a hot pan or wok for 2 minutes, until browned.

STEP THREE.  Add the capsicum, green curry paste, coconut milk and stock, and chase it all around the pan for two minutes.

STEP FOUR.  Add  the snow peas and coriander and cook for another one minute.

STEP FIVE. Once cooked rice has sat idle for five minutes, loosen the grains with a fork so it’s wonderfully fluffy – Poh taught me that.

Big family little income SunRice-42

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

Sharing is caring. Plus it really does make a difference. Thanks heaps.

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If you try this recipe let us know what you think! 😀


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