Chicken Feed


“Remind me on the way home we need to stop and buy a chicken,” I called to the kids behind me in the car.

We were on our way to swimming lessons this afternoon and I’d been so busy today I hadn’t remembered to take anything out of the freezer.

Their response was not what I expected.

There was some mumbling and a quick burst of chatter behind me and suddenly a cheer went up.

“Yay!!” my kids yelled.

This was an odd response to my wanting to make them a quick chicken pasta for dinner when I got home. We’ve bought so many whole chickens lately we’re struggling to find new ways to present them as a meal.

And then Master10 articulated why they were so excited.

“We’re getting another pet!” he cheered, and his siblings joined in again.

If they become overly attached to their new pet between the store and home we might even have some leftovers tonight.

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