Why It’s Important To Take My Glasses To Bed


I needed sleep.

I’d been tossing and turning for hours, a half dozen thoughts continuously projected onto the inside of my forehead while my brain chatted incessantly over each and every scene. Eventually I decided I needed help turning the projector off.

I got up and shuffled through the darkness to the medicine cabinet above the fridge.

Because I have no night vision I basically ferreted around in the medicine case and tried to read the labels on by the light of the oven. Even if the light had been bright enough it would have been for naught because my glasses were in another room keeping the laptop company.

I found the right shaped container and tipped out a white tablet, swallowing it down with a sip from my refilled water cup and returned to bed.

And then I waited for sweet oblivion to sweep over me.

And waited.



Went to the loo because my tummy had started rumbling.




It was Miss4. She’d jumped in between Tracey and I so she was better positioned to kick my kidneys.

The sun was coming up and I calculated I’d managed about two hours.

“You were dreadful last night,” Tracey told me unnecessarily while I made an extra strong cup of Joe and calculated how many sick days I have left.

“I know.”

“Even after your sleeping tablet.”

“I know.” These are the sort of long winded replies I give at six thirty in the morning after a night jealously listening to the soft snores of my wife and children. I took a long sip of coffee. “It didn’t work at all. I’m going to check if the tablets are still in date. Maybe I’ve had them too long.” So I went to the cupboard and pulled down the medicine box. “I think I know what the problem was,” I said to Tracey.


“Nope,” I said. Though I wish it was so I didn’t feel so stupid. “Brand,” I told her. “It turns out I didn’t take a sleeping tablet after all. I took a nausea tablet.” I showed her the two containers and explained, “Same shape.”

“It could have been worse,” said Tracey, reaching into the medicine box and pulling out yet another similarly shaped container.

I read the label and had to agree: vaporizer cleaner tablets.

Waking up might have been my problem then.

Suffice to say I’ll be turning on the light and wearing glasses from now on when I need to visit the medicine box.

And after all that? I’m starting the day still in desperate need of sleep…

…but at least my rumbling tummy has settled down 🙂


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  • I have four boxes for medicines in my house.
    1. First aid
    2. Over the counter medicine
    3. Prescription medicine
    4. Daily meds

    It makes searching for things in the middle of the night so much easier. And yes, I do have/take a lot of medicines… sometimes I rattle when I walk ?

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