BIG MAN, little diet

Since the day after Boxing Day I’ve been focusing on losing a tenth of my body weight in a further effort to increase the odds of me seeing my children grown up and moved out. Ideally I’ll also manage a few decent, uninterrupted sleep-ins after they leave, thereby allowing me to mutter, “It’s been a good life,” as I tootle off to meet my maker.

Realizing my own short-fallings I’ve opted for a date rather than a weight to signify the end of my diet. If I was aiming to keep going until I reached a certain weight I would have given up by now, but a five week stint I can do because I see an end in sight. At that point I’ll re-assess my goals, which if my cravings are anything to go by I suspect will include a six pack and a triple-decker tomato, potato chip and Tim Tam sandwich.
So far things have been going along swimmingly. I’ve dropped from 101kg before Christmas to a nice 94kg as of yesterday. There will be celebratory high-fiving and seeking of sex when I sneak below 90kg, although the impending delivery of baby number seven may hamper at least one part of this plan. At 85kg, which is where I fantasize about seeing the scales read, I think I’ll run naked around the house whooping and cheering, although the naked bit will simply be my by then over-sized shorts falling off my by then super slender hips. 
I’m focusing on a protein heavy diet for these five weeks, with greens thrown in to add some balance and crunch to mealtimes. I haven’t felt hungry yet. It’s probably not something you’ll find recommended in the CSIRO well being book but it’s worked a treat for my brother, and even young Master20 has had some success with it. And like I pointed out, it’s not for long.
I’ve already noticed my face and stomach are looking much thinner and it’s easier to drag my body around on my bike.
Tracey has started to notice changes as well as the fat drops away to reveal the thin man beneath. Today, for instance, she sat bolt upright when she touched my cheek. 
“OMG You’ve got a lump on your face!” she panicked. Turned out I had two. 
That’s the thing about check bones, we tend to have one on each side of our face.


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