Why Parenting Sometimes Makes Me A Little Nuts

Dinosaur King

It’s not just watching kids’ shows which can send you around the bend. Just listening to them while you do other stuff can be enough to drive you insane. But the kids love them, so what are you going to do? In any case, there are bigger problems when it comes to kids watching telly.

“Here’s the deal,” I told my kids. “You bigger kids can pick one video to watch,” yes, I still call them videos, “and then the little kids can pick one. That way it’s fair.”

Finding something all the children want to watch is a nightmare some days because not everyone loves Barbie like I do (actual feelings may differ).  Miss6 is actually the hardest to work around because she gets scared if there’s an overcast day on the screen.

So we take it in turns. While the big kids watch a movie the little ones play with dolls and vice versa. Although the bigger kids may substitute dolls with a soccer ball or scooters.

Anyway, it all works rather well. Generally.

“We’ve picked,” said Miss10, waving a DVD case around and she and her brother disappeared back into the lounge room.

“Wait on,” I called after them, because it looked like a Pokemon case and I’d specifically banned Pokemon and Minecraft today as I can only take so much, even from the next room where I can only hear them. “Let me see that.”

I was pleased to see it wasn’t Pokemon after all but rather something called Dinosaur King, although visually there was an obvious tribute to the money making style of Ash and his buddies.

I flicked over the case.

“Nice try,” I said to Master8 and Miss10, who were both suddenly sheepish.

Running time on this show was 1020 minutes. Only seventeen hours of quality viewing and then their little sisters could pick whatever they want to watch. Sounds fair.

“You can watch two episodes,” I told them and sent them on their way.

But in the end it was all for naught because as they started to watch their show I realized, from the next room, I wasn’t any better off.

It wasn’t just the visual style the makers of Dinosaur King had taken from Pokemon: The same actors voiced the bloody characters as well!



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