Corner Their Disobedience

Who would have thought that sending a kid to a naughty spot for a few minutes might have more influence over their behaviour than a smack on the bum? Not my parents, that’s for sure. But it works.

When Tracey & I first watched Supernanny we had our doubts about it. We’d tried it and it didn’t work, you see. Thing is though, we weren’t doing it right.

Supernanny says you need to get down to their level (on your knees) and explain why they’re in the naughty corner, and that they only stay there for as many minutes as they are old (ie Miss3 goes on the corner for 3 minutes….a lot). After their alloted time, during which you give them no attention whatsoever, you need to get down to their level again and ask them to apologize, giving you the reason for being in trouble.

Next you do something I wasn’t particularly good at for a long time. When the kids got in trouble I could spend weeks bringing it up and revisiting their misbehaviour, explaining again and again why they’d pissed me off and what would happen if they did it again. This is wrong….. apparently.

After they’ve apologized you simply hug them and kiss them and move on as though nothing has happened.

Trust me, this works.

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  • Good luck telling that to my kids daddy as he’s still using the DVD he broke because Miss4 refused to eat dinner as a warning to them… I can use that though – thanks 🙂

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