The Coffee Snob Strikes Gold

I’m a bit of a coffee snob. There are only four places in town I’ll buy coffee from because I know they make it properly. And yet, at home I use the cheapest brand in the supermarket.

On a recommendation from a friend I started buying the cheapest bricks of coffee on offer a few months ago. Initially I was purchasing the better stuff ($5-6 for 200gms) but I’d waste a heap because it would clog my machine and have to be thrown out. There again, I initially thought there was a problem with the machine: only because my friend had the same coffee maker was I able to nut out it was the coffee.

So to cut a short story long, I now buy the cheapest coffee and it tastes fantastic.

And this week it’s even cheaper!!

Usually $2.50 for a 200gm brick they’re being moved for $1.70 until Thursday. We bought 8, but only because that was all they had left on the shelf.

We’re going to give them a chance to restock and try again later in the week.


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