While Mum’s Away

Tracey had to drag herself out of bed and off to work this morning – not an easy task after a couple of weeks on a lazy, chillaxing break. My job today is to wash clothes and clean things and basically put everything back the way it was.

I’m doing a great job, of course. It’s 10.45am and a quick list of what I’ve achieved so far includes two coffees, a cup of tea, some leftover donuts and a chicken sandwich. 
It’s occurred to me I should probably also be watching the kids. This has just now sprung to mind because Miss1 just came out onto the balcony wearing rubber gloves on her feet. Funny as hell, but as to reach them she’d have had to drag a chair into the laundry and climb up into the sink I can’t help but feel the Father of the Year award is again slipping through my blameless fingers.
Looks like she’s taken a couple of steps back down the evolutionary ladder.

What do you think?

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