The Bride & gloom

With a kidless wedding to attend, today was a nightmare in time management.

Preparations began the previous night, with bags to be packed and good manners to be drummed into thick little skulls. Nanny & Poppy took Miss7, Master5 and Miss3. Miss16 kept Grandad company while Grandma was away visiting my sister and Miss3 went up to visit Uncle Jason & Auntie Bel.

Despite Miss3’s historically poor behaviour, this time she wasn’t destined to be the problem. That trouphy went to Miss1, whose teething poos kept her hosts up from midnight until I arrived this morning to bring her home.

Our contribution to CJ”s room

For all the effort involved in arranging for a childless night I didn’t end up attending the wedding. Master19 phoned late last night to give us some rotten news about CJ. Things aren’t looking hopeful of his being let out of hospital.

I love that my son makes the effort, despite his fresh new study regime, to fit in visits to CJ – and he stays about three hours when he gets there. It’s about an hours trip from Master19’s unit to the hospital so it is a real cut out of his precious study time. I think it’s a selfless act and CJ really appreciates the company.

So, armed with the bad news about CJ’s condition I gave my excuses to the wedding party, sending Miss16 in my place, then borrowed Grandma Lawrence’s nifty new little car and scooted down to Ipswich. And I’m so glad I did – had a great afternoon with CJ chatting and catching up on news of his condition.

Giraffe Master19 gave CJ

Following this I met up with Master19 for a bite of sushi and then headed home.

But not before I got flashed (and not in a good way) by a parked van for doing 70 in a 60 zone because I was chatting and missed the speed change. Naturally, I blame Tracey. Usually she handles things like my speed and distance from surrounding vehicles from the front passenger seat. Without her guidance I floundered badly. So, with blame clearly assigned she will just have to harden up and pay her fine when it arrives in Grandma Lawrence’s post box.

By all accounts the wedding went well. Tracey caught up with several friends from her teens and Miss16 was caught sneaking off with the bride’s 20 year old brother. Apparently he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away (which makes me kinda chuffed and proud), however she went missing with him for twenty minutes at the end of the night, and a five member search party went looking for her (which makes me wonder just how naive I’m being). Ah, to be young and full of curiosity again.

And if you think I’m handling Miss16’s scampering off with a boy fairly calmly, you weren’t there for the debrief  🙂

Oh dear, that was a poor choice of words.

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