Cake Baking with Miss4

Limited on what to throw into a lunch box for the kids tomorrow so Miss4 and I whipped up our Lime Cake – she calls it a Lion Cake.

Photos of our afternoon of cooking fun are limited because I’m clearly feeling a bit sensitive today and didn’t want to put up any photos showing more than two of my chins. Unfortunately, the angle from which Miss7 takes photos almost always means there will be an over-abundance of chinny chin chins on my flabby fat face.

After the amount of bike riding and walking I’ve done with the kids these last two weeks it almost seems cruel. Surely I should look more like Cadel or that Old Spice guy by now, instead I’m edging more towards Dan Aykroyd.

Ah well, guess I’ll eat a few well buttered slices of Miss4’s yummy lime cake with a nice sweet cup of tea and try work out where I’m going wrong.

 For the recipe (and it’s worth cooking cause it is superb) pop over here Sublime Lime Cake

What do you think?

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