Merry Easter!

This morning the kids woke to a large and small Easter chocolate bunny each, supplemented by colouring pens and books. They’ve all agreed this was fantastic and there have even been cries of “Best Easter Ever”.

Of course, these little guys weren’t about in the Easter Hay Day even ten years ago when there was only much younger versions of Master20 and Miss17. Back then, like commercial fishermen’s hauls, the chocolate count was measured in kilos rather than grams. Whole African villages were kept employed by their demand for cacao beans.

But it wouldn’t be a major holiday in the Devereaux household without a little drama.
While Miss8 and Master7 were colouring in their books, Miss2 discovered if she dribbled chocolate onto the floor she could finger paint a Pro Hart type work of art. Sadly for her I ruined it when I accidentally stepped in it and nearly went on a little Easter trip.
Miss5 is back in bed wanting to throw up, even though she’s not had a bite of chocolate. She was sick two nights ago, along with Miss17, but we thought she was through it. Hopefully a little rest this morning will settle things down for her. Tracey’s also been fighting the urge to purge the last couple of hours.

But it’s ‘one in all in’ around here and Miss2, Miss8 and Master7 have been furiously chomping away on their chocolate bunnies in a concerted attempt to feel just as sick and unwell as their mother and sibling. Way to go, guys. I’m so proud.
On an especially bright note, The Bunny left me hops, in the form of beer, so it seems despite the dramatic Easter story unfolding in this home my Easter won’t just be happy, it’ll be merry. If I get an opportunity to open my present that is.
Merry Easter everyone! Eat well, spread the love, drink up, drive safe and above all, don’t wander too far from a bucket. 
I know that’s the plan around here 🙂

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