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Our oldest daughter, Miss10, is a bit of a klutz.

So far she’s managed to injure herself, in one form or other, every day of the holidays.

Yesterday, while mucking about with her cousins and younger siblings, she jumped off our small retaining wall but seemed to change her mind midway through the manoeuvre.

“It was like her left foot didn’t get the memo to jump and stayed behind,” said Tracey. She sighed. “So I’m guessing at some point today she will hurt herself. You know where the Children’s Panadol is.” She grinned and added, “Try to be more sympathetic than I was yesterday.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t laugh.”


Of course, I knew where the Children’s Panadol was. We have a medicine shelf above the fridge. That’s an actual whole shelf, by the way, not just the end of a shelf or even most of a shelf. It has everything we need to tip the scales in favour of us sleeping at night, and a big part of that equation is Children’s Panadol.

We have four bottles in the house at the moment: two each of Children’s Panadol ages 1-5 and 5-12 (Suspension range) to cover the ages of our five little ones. We don’t wait until we need it. You’ll always find both the open bottle we’re using and the next bottle ready to roll. Why? Because it’s standard practice for all chemists in the area to close just as the medicine bottle empties. We’ve been caught out too many times, so we always keep a stock ready.

Even when we’re going away on holidays, it’s never left behind.

We don’t muck around with alternative brands either. At two in the morning we don’t want to discover the kids won’t swallow the medicine because it tastes ‘yuck’.

The thing is, when you find a fix that works, you stick with it. It was helping us sooth Master22 when he was a mere Master2. In fact, it’s been around for over forty years, taking it easy on tiny tummies for worried mummies.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t understand why the good people at Children’s Panadol are even asking me to write a post. I can’t imagine any parent doesn’t know and use this product.

Sure enough, within two hours of Tracey leaving the house I saw the telltale signs Miss10 had injured herself yet again: a wail broke out on the balcony and Miss2, our little Florence Nightingale, came bolting into the kitchen, collecting a tea towel from the drawer and an ice-pack from the freezer.

Only it wasn’t Miss10 at all, it was Miss4. She’d fallen off her scooter.


Miss4 hobbled and warbled into the house.

“I think I’ve broken my leg,” she told me.

Ever since Miss10 broke hers a year ago, this has been a common complaint. But she hadn’t. For a start, she was standing.

But I could see she was genuinely in pain.

“Here you go,” I said, measuring out 9ml of Children’s Panadol. “You’ll be right, love. Just go and watch a movie for a little bit and we’ll see how things go.”

Things went well – no need to go to hospital and eventually she seemed to forget there was ever a pain in her leg.

“How’d it go today?” Tracey asked me when she arrived home from work.

“Usual,” I said.

“That bad?”

I explained today’s bit of drama.

“Personally, I call any day we avoid a trip to the emergency room a good day,” said my wife philosophically. “And anyway, at least you didn’t laugh.”

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kissing it better

Always read the label.  Use only as directed.  For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful.  Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.  Seek medical advice for children under 3 months.  Panadol is a registered trademark of the GSK group of companies.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • Being the mother of 4 (5 -12 yrs) children’s panadol has been a staple in the medicine cupboard for all things from teething to fever to falling off of everything my monkeys can and will climb.

  • With 2 children under the age of 5, Children’s Panadol has always been reliable to relieve pain & fevers without upset tummies.

  • Ive got 2 boys who seem to think if it doesnt hurt its not worth doing, Children’s Panadol is my go to every time

  • Funny you post about children’s Panadol today. I have just spent 5 days with miss 3 and really high temps ALL weekend and my go to was a bottle of children’s Panadol. Hope I win some, we are running out very quickly.

  • Lesson Learned:
    Japan + weeks from home + teething baby + no Panadol = Unhappy everyone!
    Nothing else soothed our miss either.
    Post + Panadol + loving Grandparents = Happy Family!

  • Miss 8 is big enough to take tablets for everything except “ouchies” for that we still need the childrens panadole which works for everything from a earache to a sprained ankle at sport.

  • I’ve been using Children’s Panadol for 17 years. Great taste, easy to use and works quickly. Magic for mums (and dads)!

  • I swear when the kids catch sight of the Panadol bottle it halves the pain! It’s like a kiss and cuddle in a bottle.

  • With family history of taking other brands, Panadol was our first choice and we have never swayed. Our eldest is 10 now and due to sensory processing disorder, along with aspergers and more, he still takes Panadol syrup because of the taste and familiarity!

  • We have trusted Panadol for 20 years and six children. Their health is a priority, not a game of chance. Wouldn’t swap for quids.

  • The only medicine my daughter will take with out a hassle! Works fast, gentle on tummies and taste great, everything you want!

  • Panadol was the best for when my children were teething. It was the only thing that seemed to stop the pain and allow them to get some sleep.

  • With four kids (5-10) and all of them having my co-ordination we always have Children’s Panadol. Apparently walls in the house jump out at them too!

  • We have the same issue with chemists shutting the minute we finish a panadol bottle, haha. It’s my go-to for everything with my kids simply because it’s so gentle on their tummies – nothing worse than giving them some medicine only to have them puke it back up on you, and that doesn’t happen with children’s Panadol.

  • I was the accident one in my family as a kid! I rollerskated, climbed trees and rolled down hills… Subsequently I also wore casts and bandages pretty frequently and remember Mum giving me Panadol as I kicked back watching Duckula, arm bandaged. Oh and the chicken pox outbreak Christmas of 1992… Tough times… Naturally one of my lads ended up inheriting my innate ability to stumble over invisible obstacles. So along with surgeries to correct a minor birth defect and the usual fever inducing “kindy winter nose from hell”, we’ve had our fair share of head bumps, cuts and even a sunburn (parenting flop that day) with the most recent need for Panadol came as a result of a plastic pirate sword to the face creating a wound that needed to be glued shut. I have learned always, always have Panadol in the cupboard. We’re rocking two strengths, Baby and Child!

  • When the children are sick and grumpy,
    And totally stressed to the max,
    Children’s Panadol is what we need,
    To feel better, soothe and relax!

  • All of my children have been raised to take the chances life offers with the help of children’s panadol. From a injured leg at gymnastics to a gash on a leg falling off a stunt scooter panadol has been there every step of the way and I wouldn’t choose anything less.

  • Love love love panadol. It’s definitely saved my sleep more than once. Especially love the new dispenser.

  • With my clumsy clogs, I always have to have the Childrens Panadol around! Just back from the doctor after he bumped his head on the door (not looking where his was going

  • I think we currently have 3 bottles on the go here with only 2 kids! Yes it is a must have and it certainly does the job.
    My friends mum always says to newly announced pregnant mums, “start buying your Panadol now, you will need it!”

  • Please never let me run out of panadol
    And I’ll
    Never need to do
    All nighters or
    Of pain and suffering
    Love you panadol 🙂

  • Panadol is easy to administer and the kids don’t hate the taste. Plus it actually works. Winner winner winner

  • ‘What’s this mum?” Panadol bub, mum used to take this when she was a little girl.’ “so it must of been in black and white?”

  • Children’s panadol is alway once of the first thing packed on holidays, don’t want to be caught out with a sick kid in a country town where the chemist shuts early. Can rely on it to bring down temperatures and give us all a good nights rest.

  • As a single mother of three living in the bush I can’t take any chances so Panadol and it’s reliability is perfect for me and my three!

  • Im a mum to three boys one with sever asthma Panadol is my savior during winter months and asthma illness we cant have the yucky Neurofen. as my son puts it “mummy my headache can i have some headache juice”

  • I trust Panadol for my children as my mother did for me, works every time when mummys kisses alone doesnt do it

  • It’s been around for years,it’s a trusted brand and everyone knows it does the job it’s meant to.

  • Panadol seems to always be answer to fever and pains for the kids and a relief for me that it works everytime!

  • I believe kids panadol is a god send to parents with children in pain. As it helps us adults, so does it help the children, which takes the pain away, e.g. teething and temperature. A little of everything is ok. When in doubt see a doctor.

  • Children’s Panadol is only pain relief medicine my children will allow me to give them. For the past twenty-five years Children’s Panadol has been a staple in our house.

  • Children’s Panadol is a must have in my household because if kids are sick and don’t have any Panadol, then we all get a headache

  • My daughter was ‘Miss Crash Bang’ and my son ‘Mr Bump’, I made the acquaintance of Panadol years ago, acquired and useful knowledge!

  • I’ve used children’s panadol now for over 10 years with my kidsand it has been a blessing to have every single time they’ve needed it!

  • Panadol is apart of our family. Its trusted, works and I feel confident that its the safest on the market .

  • adults use panadol it is a good brand for kids to ease the pain for them relief to the parents.

  • Fever, earache, skinned knees and elbows
    Mummy reaches for the best remedy she knows.
    The one that fixes all
    it’s Children’s Panadol!

  • Panadol is like part of the family to us. Three boys who have grown up with it, they won’t let me use anything else. The chemist always offer their own brand to me at a cheaper price but I would feel guilty and wouldn’t trust it as much. I was given Panadol as a child, my children have it and no doubt in my mind, their children will take it too. Trust!!!!

  • Sometimes I can’t kiss it better. Panadol has become a little saviour. Taking away my kids pain takes away mine and keeps me sane!

  • My kids won’t use anything else, because they like the flavour Panadol comes in but not the other ones.

  • Luckily my kids rarely need painkillers but when they do, Panadol’s the one we use because when we’ve used anything else my son just throws it back up straight away. Blech.

  • My kids won’t use anything else, because they like the flavour Panadol comes in but not the other ones.

  • Fast and effective relief from fever and pain, gentle on little tummies and they like the taste!

  • I’d swear that “PAN-A-DOL” was one of the first words my grandson said. Even as a tiny tot, he knew that he could get quick relief for his fevers associated with teething. It’s remained a medicine cabinet staple ever since.

  • Absolutely right! No need to write this post. No need to substitute something that you know the kids will take either!

  • Panadol’s my numbrer 1 as its a trusted brand. I’ve personally had many experiences with it being successful in relieving pain and fever. Its also good that its the first pain reliever you can give a baby while being gentle on the stomach.

  • As a Paedaitric nurse and mum to 6 I know how quickly and easily Children’s Panadol relieves pain and fever and helps mummy get a good nights sleep

  • My kids are 6, 4 and 3. And bulletproof it would seem. Or so they think. There is no slow, medium, anything else, only stop or flat knacker. Consequently frozen peas are used on a regular basis, and when lurgies knock them around we crack out the panadol. It helps. As do the frozen peas. I have wine. That helps too.

  • What are little kids made of?
    Trips and falls, and scrapes galore,
    That’s why we need Children’s Panadol.

  • Children’s Panadol is certainly a necessity in every household. I use it very sparingly but as with agreement in the blog the “other” brands are not nice tasting. My children certainly know the taste difference so Children’s Panadol it is 🙂

  • Panadol is my #1 go to with all 5 of my kids. It works quickly and effectively and that’s just what I need!

  • Broken bones, cut heads, burnt hands and dislocated shoulders. Tonsilitis, headaches, earaches and tummy aches. We have had them all, lucky there is always panadol.

  • I used it for my kids when they were little and now I use it for my grandkids because I know its fast acting and the kids don’t mind taking it, even the fussy ones!

  • Children’s Panadol is the best,
    it outweighs all the rest.
    Relieves my son from fever, aches and pains,
    Number one medicine that will keep me sane.

  • Panadol is brand you know and trust , for little kids and big kids (sometimes known as husbands)

  • Poor babies. I had to comment to let you know how adorable I find the pic of your little one comforting her sister. It shows what really matters in life. I spent 10 years in your home town 1977-87 and my older sister passed your site on to me ages ago. I have no idea how she found it as she hasn’t any children and was living in either Mt Gambier or Gladstone at the time!

  • Always lots of cuddles in this household Maxine. Sometimes it’s difficult to pry them off 😉

  • Mum is a nurse panadol is our choice
    Panadol tastes great trusted brand used in hospitals new dispenser is easy to measure correct dose.

  • As a mum of 2. 1 with anaphylaxis not hit eases her pain better than Children’s panadol whem she is having a reaction.

  • Whenever either of my children stay at my dad’s house overnight, the first thing he reminds me to pack is Children’s Panadol -Just in case.

  • My boys love their children’s panadol so much, they smile at the sight of the bottle! (Some days I wonder if a placebo would work just as well!!)
    But when the rough and tumble gets too rough, there’s nowhere else to turn.

  • Trusted brand and it works!
    Love the suppository option for my little one who refuses to take medicine orally! Thanks panadol 🙂

  • Having five children has made me aware of the sensibility of always having a bottle of panadol in the cupboard. When you are awake dealing with fevers in the night, it’s not a moment that you want to be running out. Panadol deals with the symptoms so my child can relax and get better. I think the most grateful I’ve been is when panadol brought down the fevers of my infant triplets. I don’t know how I would have made it through that night without Panadol.

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