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More and more I’m realizing much of my knowledge of the universe all its wonders comes from somewhere quite removed from the more traditional classrooms and museums and science journals and lecture halls.

And with the quality of questions my kids are asking going up a notch, I might have to do some more research if I’m to continue to sound knowledgeable.

The riot in the lounge room was almost enough to grab my attention. Although it didn’t.

But when it bellowed its way over to where I was doing the dishes I had no choice but to see what it wanted.

“Dad,” said Master10 earnestly while Miss11 and Miss8 flanked him, “can you be alive before you were born?”

“Of course you can,” I told him.

“See!” said Miss8.

“You’re in the womb for nine months before you start causing havoc and not sleeping,” I added. “But you’re alive.”

I turned back to the sink, mentally patting myself on the back for solving the crisis, but it turns out I’d totally and wonderfully misread the question.

“No,” said Master10, “before that.”

“What do you mean? Of course not,” I said.

“See!” yelled Miss11.

“Before you’re growing inside your Mum you’re a sperm in me and an egg in your Mum.”

“Ewww,” said Miss8.

But again, I’d spectacularly and fabulously misunderstood the whole context of the question.

“If,” said Master10, spelling things out for me, “you had a time machine and you went back to before you were born, would you still exist?”

And the three of  them were looking at me like I’d know.

I quickly recalled my knowledge of physics relating to the topic. It didn’t bode well that Sheldon featured heavily.

“The film industry would suggest you do,” I said finally, thinking of those timeless scientific classics, Back To The Future and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Meet The Robinsons.

I think the conversations in this house have just kicked up a notch. Time to start doing some research. So if you need me I’ll be watching the telly, studying.

It’ll be just like when I was at school.


~ Raising a family on little more than laughs ~


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