Wheely good fun

Hunched shoulders, baggy shirt,
reflective white legs, paniced look,
Spiderman helmet, two sets of undies –
I am ready to roll!

Some late nights at work this week have meant I haven’t been able to go for a follow up bike ride. Until today.

Jumping briskly out of bed this morning I pulled on socks and shoes and Spiderman helmet and went for a ride (and for all those doubters of my commitment it was pre-morning-coffee!).
I managed 20 minutes today and, on advice from Coach Luke, I didn’t sit so hard in my seat as I went over big bumps, meaning my tush wasn’t as bruised and sore by the time I got home. Not that it wasn’t bruised and sore, but it felt much better than last Sunday.
My brother is up visiting the family at the moment and has promised me some riding shirts, which I (wistfully) assume will pull and twist my fatty bulk into a typical sleek, slim biker’s figure, like those I see zooming past me on the highway in yellow and orange packs.

It seems a bit of early morning exercise must have cleared my head too, because for the first time in years I remembered I’m not supposed to cook bacon for breakfast on Good Friday.

What do you think?

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