Everybody Wins

Kids dressed up as each other this afternoon. This is Miss6 as Master8 – cool dance moves and all 🙂

Tracey met the kids halfway between school and home today. They were very pleased to have a chance to walk out of the school grounds without supervision and Tracey got a little exercise, which pleased her. In theory, everybody wins.

This was, of course, immediately tested when the first thing Tracey noticed when they met up was how Miss6 was drenched.

“I was so excited about walking home,” she said, “I had a water fight.” She said it like those two things went together as naturally as cheese and crackers. “We used our water bottles!”

She then demonstrated, with a series of hand gestures, facial expressions and hip thrusts, how this water fight played out and resulted in the soggy mess standing in front of my wife. Apparently the reenactment had disturbing similarities to a certain freak gasoline fight accident.

But quite besides the drenched clothes, there was something very different about the look of Miss6 compared to Master8 and Miss9.

“So where’s your bag?” Tracey asked her.

It seems in all the water tossing excitement it had been forgotten.

They walked back to the school to grab it, but on arrival found the bag wasn’t there. It seems a parent had noticed it had been left behind and had taken it to drop off at our place on their way home.


So now Tracey and the kids headed back out of the school grounds and began power walking towards our home in an effort to catch the parent there. As luck would have it, though, the parent happened to drive past them and handed the bag over – to Tracey’s great gratitude.

The afternoon ended with Tracey getting a little more exercise than she planned and the kids getting to walk out of the school and Miss6 getting into a water fight and by the time they arrived home Master8 and Miss9 had decided they should all spend the afternoon dressing up as each other and taking the piss out of each other – a thoroughly worthwhile endeavour in my books.

There were so many wins this afternoon I think we’re going to need a trophy room.

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