Hang up

A bit of a problem here on Wednesday when Tracey received a phone call from Windows telling her about some issues we were having with one of our laptops.

Tracey did what they suggested and in no time at all she had a perfect stranger wandering around inside her computer.

At which point common sense kicked in and she turned off the internet and hung up the phone.

The next four hours involved frantically ringing banks to cancel codes and cards and having a dear friend come over to trawl Tracey’s laptop for hidden code (and found some!) and work out how much damage was done.

A search of the internet revealed this isn’t an uncommon scam and they callers are very convincing. Tracey would never usually have fallen for this sort of thing. So I guess the motto of the story is, be careful. For the record, the people from Windows and Microsoft don’t tend to call users.

Windows phone scam

Now ask me how well I reacted when Tracey rang me at work to tell me about her little momentary lapse of reason.

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  • Friends of ours just got a call from these scammers – a bloke named Charlie. Luke’s response warrants repeating: “Charlie… can you close your office door? Charlie, what are you wearing? Never mind the virus, I have something more interesting in mind.”

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