A better cuppa

There is no point saving a few cents on things like tea and coffee if drinking the cheap brands makes you cringe. We’ve tried it, and maybe it’s a right of passage or something because every savings site seems to go on about buying cheaper alternatives or making your own soap powder, but we want nice stuff: we deserve it. And we won’t go back.

Unless the cheaper brands are as good as the more expensive brands, we buy quality. If it means we have one less cuppa a day, then that is the sacrifice we’re prepared to make, not the taste of the tea or coffee itself. We feel the same about butter.

Have you ever gone out to a nice restaurant and had them present you with an entrée sized main? You think, “I could have ordered a bucket of KFC for the same price of this.” But then you taste it. Oh. My. God. It’s delicious. For the rest of the night you’re thinking about how good each mouthful was, and you’ve totally forgotten about how little they gave you. And you’re not hungry. In fact, you don’t want to eat anything else because you don’t want to mess with those wonderful flavours lingering in your mouth.

If you buy cheap alternatives so you can afford more you’re cheating yourself. Eat better, but eat less. Ditto drinks like tea & coffee.

So how do you make the good stuff fit your budget? Buy up when the best brands are on special – your purse and your taste-buds will thank you.

What do you think?

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