Wham! Bam! Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam
A few less-than-perfect strawberries have prompted me to make strawberry jam afterall. I found this recipe on the internet and, having just made it up, it is a gooden.

Wham! Bam! Strawberry Jam

1 kg strawberries, hulled
4 cups caster sugar
4 tablespoons lemon juice

Put strawberries in a large pan and mash with a potato masher.

Add caster sugar and lemon juice and crank up the heat.

Once all the sugar has dissolved, crank up things again until mixture starts a rolling boil.

Now the recipe on the net said to continue to boil until whole thing reaches 105degrees. As I don’t have a jam thermometer I did some web research and another site suggested the whole thing has reached the right temperature when you can dip a metal spoon into it and the mixture falls off in a sheet instead of as individual drops. Oooooookaaaaaaaaay. Not sure what that’s supposed to look like so I just kept boiling the whole thing until it resembled a jelly like jam.

Prepare some clean jars by boiling them in water to sterilize and scoop jam-like-substance into jars, leaving a centimeter or so between top of jam and lid, and refrigerate. We managed to get three salsa jars of jam from our 1kg of strawberries.

Whole thing is a red, sticky success as kids spent ages demanding jam sandwiches this afternoon, and have asked for jam sandwiches for dinner as well (not gonna happen). Master5 even asked if he could skip the bread and simply have a jam jar with a spoon.

Even better, total jam cost $5 for nearly 800gm of jam.

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