A Nightmare Before Christmas

Have you and your kids watched Arthur Christmas yet? We watched it once then bought the DVD – it is that good. It’s one of those movies which pulls off a great story with lots of laughs and no nasty bad guy. The movie was light and funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Just how fabulous and uncommon a concept this is in a movie came home to us on Sunday night.

One of the best things about Christmas, or Easter, are all the wonderful movies. I always looked forward to the stop go animation movies as a kid (I think it’s my nostalgia for them which lead me to enjoy Hoodwinked so much).

Hot on the heels of Arthur and his family, I wanted something Christmassy to watch with our four little ones (the baby is happy to watch us watching). I decided we should watch A Christmas Carol – the one voiced by Jim Carey, because he’s hell funny. I was very excited as I pressed play and hunkered down on the lounge with the kids.

“Nice choice,” Tracey congratulated me me five minutes later. She was adorned like a human Christmas tree, with Miss2 was burying her head into her Mummy’s chest while Master7 and Miss9 were clutching an arm apiece.

It was as though I’d sat them down to watch Jaws, The Omen or Dawn of the Dead. Within five minutes the room was full of screaming and moaning, and none of it was coming from the telly.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” cooed Miss5 sweetly from my lap. Between sobs she managed to tell me, “I don’t like gho-oo-oo-oosts.”

I never realized just how frightening A Christmas Carol is. I should have, of course, because it has ghosts and anyone who’s played Pacman knows ghosts are scary. But then I’ve primarily watched the Scrooged version staring Bill Murray, where the scariest moment was when I thought they were going to staple little antlers to the heads of mice.

So the long and short of it is we didn’t watch A Christmas Carol, or any Christmas movie that night. Instead we spent the next two hours explaining it was only a movie and Daddy won’t be allowed to chose any more DVD’s in the lead up to the fat guy bringing all the goodies.

But I’d bet my Christmas stocking we’ll be watching Arthur Christmas again, cause that movie ROCKED!


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