Strawberry Glut

WTF. Tracey came home from the shops with 26 punnets of strawberries today. TWENTY-SIX. She picked them up for 69c each at Aldi. Kids devoured two punnets before the shopping was in the kitchen. I’m tempted to give strawberry jam a try, but knowing our mob there won’t be any strawberries left by sundown tomorrow. May as well let them enjoy themselves.

If you live in an area where supermarkets are closed on Sundays you can pick up some excellent bargains on Saturday afternoon because there’s no point in them holding over stock until Monday if it’s already been sitting there for a few days. In this case we got $2 punnets at Aldi for less than half price. Other weeks we’ve snaffled up cheap capsicum, stone fruit, lettuce, bananas, apples and even asparagus and brussels sprouts. It’s never a guarantee, nor is there always something you want, but shopping on a Saturday afternoon has its advantages.

For today, we’ve a healthy $18 treat that has everyone smiling.

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  • My daughter works for Aldi here in the UK… she often comes home with bargains. One being a £12 leg of lamb which was half price. It was even more tasty due to the fact it was cheap, and it fed the three of us for a couple of days after too 🙂

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