A Shitty Mothers Day Revelation


For a week now Tracey and I have been quietly fuming at each other, and today it came to a surprising head.

“Have you done a poo?” I heard Tracey asking our Miss3 in the bedroom. “Have you done a poo in your nappy? Again?”

Again is right. Every single night of late I’ve been putting her into bed and the first thing I have to do is change her nappy. Infuriating because I’m pretty sure she was a couple of dry nights off being declared completely toilet trained.

I made my way into the bedroom. It being Mothers Day I knew what I had to do.

“Come on,” I said, holding out my hand for Miss3. “Let’s go clean you up.”

“This is ridiculous,” Tracey muttered.

“I know,” I hissed meaningfully.

“She was doing better a month ago.”

“She was just about there.”

Our voices were slowly getting louder. It’s been a loooooooooong day.

“She shouldn’t be pooing in a nappy,” said Tracey.

“I don’t know why she’s reverted,” I said.

“So would you stop putting nappies on her during the day?!” snapped Tracey.


“I’m not,” I told her.

“Well, neither am….”

We both turned our faces down to Miss3, whose bottom lip was curled over her bottom row of teeth as she smiled a gotcha sort of a grin up at us.

Turns out she’s been climbing up into the cupboard, grabbing a nappy and putting it on herself.

“The tabs occasionally being back to front should have given us a hint,” I said to Tracey as I pulled out a pack of baby wipes.

“Well,” grinned my lovely wife, “it certainly should have given you a clue.”

I’m going to let that slide – you know, since it’s Mothers Day. And since she’s right.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

We had such a great day with the grandparents today. Three generations of family makes for a special time. Happy Mothers Day Grandma, Nanny and Tracey –  we love all you lovely, lovely ladies x  x  x


  • It’s a hard one, but if you ” run out “of nappies, or “can’t afford”any more, what will Miss 3 do?
    Tell her it is a choice between nappies or a regular treat… say chocolate.
    It’s a lesson in budgeting and choice….
    Hardest on the parents….

  • Yes I wonder what would happen if there were no more nappies in the house? Could be a very “messy” situation. You could try it and give her a “big girls treat” as a reward if she can poo in the loo.
    Good luck with that!!

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