My Son Opts Back Into High School


“I don’t think she’s seen us,” I said to the kids as I stared across the grassy area to where the high schoolers waited to be picked up. We were parked in the pick up zone at Miss12’s school looking over at the back of her head while she talked to some other kids.

“I got this,” said Master10.

He opened the door and half stepped out, waving his arms about his head and shouting her name. Someone in the group chatting to Miss12 saw him and told her we were there.

“You won’t believe what just happened,” Miss12 said to Master10 when she finally joined us. Clearly she didn’t. “One of the girls saw you and said, ‘he’s so cute.’ About you! Seriously!”

“Of course they did,” said Master10, proving beyond any need for a DNA test that he is Tracey’s son.

“Nice one,” I said to him, giving him some fist and feeling proud. He’s only in grade six. “High-schoolers. Well done, son.”

A big bonus with siblings is dating their friends. Not that it worked out that way for me when I was growing up, but I’ve heard others skiting.

It’s also times like these your double standards tend to gnaw at your ankles. If it was Miss12 catching the eyes of older boys I confess there would probably be less grins and fist pumping.

But life has a way of levelling the playing field, and we weren’t done yet because the conversation didn’t end there. Miss12 scrambled through to the back seat.

“It’s okay, Dad,” Miss12 called forward. “I made sure they won’t be interested.”

“Oh,” I said. Adding with no sincerity at all, “That’s good.”

“What did you do?” asked Master10, suspiciously.

Turns out, when this someone said he was cute Miss12 set them straight.

“Not up close,” she assured them.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll send him over to the group of waiting girls so they can judge for themselves. I think he’s freakin’ adorable.

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