We Help A Kenyan Woman Educate Her Grandchildren


KIVA is an awesome way to help people to help themselves without stretching your own budget. Basically, you loan someone US$25 and they pay it back. At that point you can reloan the money to someone else or take it back.

Your US$25 is one of many which go towards making up the loan requested by the borrower.

People from countries like Nigeria, Chile, Bolivia, Vietnam and Mali ask for help for a range of reasons, such as increasing their shop stock, new sewing machines or taxi repairs. The reasons are as varied as the individuals requesting our help.

Our kids like to choose from the potential loans. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about the world and their own privileged place in it, plus to show some empathy for others.

This month our family has made two loans, one to Malawi and this loan to Narsiana in Kenya. Here’s what Narsiana’s application had to say:

“Narsiana is a 74-year-old shosho (grand mum) from Kilibwoni, a remote location in Eldoret, Kenya. She has spent the past thirty years of her life farming. She sells eggs, milk, and vegetables produced on her farm. She also engages in a personal business to make ends meet.

Narsiana is a go-getter and has a great desire to succeed in life. Of all the activities she involves herself in, poultry farming is closest to her heart. She enjoys waking up every morning to go and feed her animals. Narsiana wants to take full advantage of poultry farming as a profitable business venture. She would like to expand her poultry business, but the biggest challenge she faces is lack of capital.

She is requesting a loan of 30,000 KES, which she will use to buy additional poultry. With your loan, Narsiana will be able to expand the poultry section of her farm. This will generate enough income to repay the loan, and she will also be able to save extra money. Narsiana is very concerned about her grandchildren’s education, so profits from farming will go to pay their school fees. Narsiana dreams of a secure future for her grandchildren.”

If you want to check out KIVA for yourself and see what it’s all about, here’s a link – KIVA LINK

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