Why I Wish We’d Had Another Baby

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“I wish we’d had another baby,” I said to Tracey last night.

She met my eyes, not with the horror one might expect of a woman who’s pushed out five already, but with a wistful expression.

“I feel like that sometimes,” she agreed. “I miss being pregnant and breastfeeding.”

I gave her a squeeze and we shared a moment in silence.

Then, apparently, I ruined it.

“I just really want to do the Cheerio Challenge,” I confessed.

You’ve probably seen those photos popping up in your feeds of dads seeing how high they can stack tiny round circles of sweetness on their baby’s foreheads. I’m telling you, this is Daddy heaven. In fact, last week I read about a soon to be dad claiming he didn’t think he was ready for fatherhood (The Guardian) until he saw the Cheerio Challenge!

Cheerios – the Men’s Shed of breakfast cereals.

But sadly, not for me.

Or so you’d think. Thing is, us dads will always find a way to join in the dumb fun.

And today it happened for me, because two happy coincidences collided to make for one very, very happy daddy.

Firstly, it’s school holidays and I bought a pack of donuts at the shops as a treat for the kids (read as, to keep them out of my hair). And secondly, Miss6 feel asleep.

That second point is genuinely remarkable, because Miss6 hasn’t had a day nap since she was three.

“Tracey, get your camera,” I hissed excitedly at my wife, who was sitting at her desk beside our bed. I tip-toed into the kitchen and was back in a flash with the donuts. “This is going to be great!”

“Aren’t they supposed to be Cheerios?” Tracey wanted to know.

“They’re for babies,” I explained. “My kid is older so it’s only right the breakfast cereal is scaled up as well.”


“It’s still flour and sugar. Why not?”

After a couple of failed attempts I managed six. Donut for cheerio, not much of an achievement, but in terms of actual height achieved….winning. Plus, I think I would have eventually pulled off eight, but Miss6 rolled over.

But I didn’t care because the main thing is I got to take part in the fun, and I didn’t have to change a shitty nappy to do it.

And this is only day two of the holidays!!

Now the only question I have is: Glazed donuts, would that be cheating?

Big Family Little Income donut-5

Big Family Little Income donut-8

Big Family Little Income donut-6

Big Family Little Income donut-1

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

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Apparently Patrick Quinn of Life Of Dad started the tiny sweet donut shaped ball rolling.


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