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I thought you might like to see inside because a) I know from experience looking in other people’s busses is fun, and b) I love showing the ol’ girl off.

I say girl but ‘her’ name is Kenny. Keep up 😉

Video is three and a half minutes, which might sound like a long time, but the ‘discussions’ over who was going to show off which bit took much, much longer.

Big thanks to my FIL, Ken, for putting so many hours into getting us on the road again with our changes, and to his good mate, Lynton, for his invaluable assistance. Also a shout out to my good mate, Robert, for chipping in a day to get the cabinets in.

The bus feels more like home now. Probably because we’ve added VJ like our Gympie Queenslander home. Things have a place. We can do laundry on the bus and the larger fridge means we don’t have to shop three times a week. We’ve probably spent $3000 on these changes (because we already had the fridge in storage) but we’ll save more than that on laundromats and impulse buying chocolate.

Also, if anyone is interested, this is a link to a blog post showing what we originally bought: Brucilla, Queen of the Desserts

So, without further adieu, here’s a current look at our beautiful home away from home:

The kids skipped past our new pantry, which is super exciting for Tracey and therefore worth a mention. It’s opposite the fridge, between the dinning area and our office desk. It’s a quarter of the size of our one back at our house-home but feels huge on the bus.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

Tracey already has solid bookings for Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, Bendigo, Albury, Mildura, Geelong and Frankston, so we’ll definitely be in those areas, but we’re planning on seeing much, much more.

If you’ve left your details with Tracey within the last year asking to be notified when we’re in your part of Victoria, she’ll be contacting you shortly to see if our timeframe fits with yours.

For everyone else, if you’re at all interested in having some lovely family photos done, just message Tracey for a chat. She charges a flat $400 for a family session which includes a minimum of 40 beautifully edited digital images on a bespoke wooden USB. And I know I’m a touch biased, but she’s very good.

Plus, because we know what it’s like fitting this sort of thing into the family budget, Tracey offers very flexible terms to suit. The main thing is to jump on board and take advantage of the opportunity while we’re there and work the rest out later. Contact Tracey at her Facebook page, Tracey Devereaux Photography or at [email protected]


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