The savings roll in

Quite aside from the financial benefits, buying toilet paper in bulk has it’s own rewards. As you can see from this photo you can use them to build things for the kids to topple over.

After browsing this weeks specials I raced to the supermarket after work today with Miss15 to take advantage of a great deal – Sorbent packs of 8 for $4.49. Not sure why I took Miss15 shopping because she refused to carry any of it out of the supermarket to the car for fear of being seen and having crap jokes flung at her at school.

Indeed, as I juggled the 15 packs to the car (for some reason I didn’t grab a trolley) I managed to illicit a rather rude “Tracey got the shits with you, Bruce?” from a supermarket staff member. I let it go because the woman was rather old and probably more than a little senile. That, and the nasty old dragon is my mother-in-law. Pity me  😉

Dunny paper was $3.22 a loaf off, meaning $48.30 in savings this week and each roll only cost 56c. Sure, you can buy cheaper toilet paper, but do you really want to? We prefer quality paper at council loo paper prices so we wait for the specials and, like Hugh Jackman preparing for a X-men movie, we bulk up.

And while it’s a lot of chocolate starfish napkins let’s face it, there are no expiry dates and at one to two rolls a day we’ll be through the lot in only two to three months.

What do you think?

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