Explosive TV Action

Master18’s tv burst into flames the other day, leaving him with a mere 3 working sets in his room – his friends use them for playing Xbox on when they come over.

His response to the spontaneous combustion of his tv was almost exactly the opposite to mine: I was horrified, whereas he was a bit pissed cause it interrupted his game, but otherwise thought it amusing: I saw it as an opportunity to free up some space on his desk for, oh I don’t know, study, whereas he decided it was the perfect time to look into buying an LCD screen.

Admittedly he’s been talking about doing this for nearly a year.

Proving once again that he’s my son Master18 went out bargain hunting and within a week managed to locate a 23inch screen going for half price at the local Harvey Norman in a three day sale – instead of $430 he picked it up for $214.

Big time electronics stores, like Wow! & Harvey Norman, have regular specials. If you can reign in your ‘must have it now’ impulse and wait for a sale you stand a much better chance of getting a really good bargain.

What do you think?

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