The Rainbow Connection

“What colour would you like us to paint your walls?” I asked the girls in the car today. “You can have whatever you want, so long as you all agree.”

The words were out of my mouth before I had a chance to stop them.

“You’re letting the kids choose?” Tracey asked me.

“It’ll be fine,” I said. “One of them likes yellow, the other two pink. How bad could it be?”

I found out about half a second later.

“I would like a rainbow room,” shouted Miss6 excitedly from the back of the car, so quick with her answer you’d think she’d been waiting days for us to finally ask.

“Yeah! Rainbow!” chirped in Miss4. “Rainbow but with pink too.”

“That’ll look nice,” said Tracey, mocking me ever so gently. “Can’t hurt resale either. Everyone loves a rainbow.”

But the girls weren’t even finished yet.

“And we’ll have blue sky and white clouds,” added Miss6. These could be a problem. From the look on Tracey’s face they were likely to be dark and stormy clouds.

“And green grass,” said Miss4.

“It’s got to be one colour,” Tracey informed the girls. “Dad’s not painting a mural.”

What she generously didn’t say is Dad can’t paint a mural. I can’t draw to save myself. I could maybe do stick-men and a couple of sad looking smiley faces.

“Awwww,” came a chorus of disappointment from behind us.

“But, Mum,” said Miss6. “I need the grass and the sky.”

“And the rainbow,” said Miss4.

“And a big, yellow sun,” said Miss6.

“You don’t need all that,” I said, already thinking a pale yellow would do for them.

“Yes, I do,” insisted Miss6. “So that when Mum tells me to go outside and play I can go to my room instead.”

Yep, I’m guessing she’s been planning this for some time. No way did she come up with that on the spot.

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  • Get some of those decal stickers off of eBay. Some paint centers sell them too. That might appease the rainbow/grass/sun wanting 🙂

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