I Should Have Been Front Page News, Yes?

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Me and the kids made page five of the local paper today, The Gympie Times, on the issue of vaccinations and the proposal to make them mandatory.

The reporter, Shelley Strachan, asked me if I’d like to comment about the jabs and I believe my response was ‘I’d give my right nut’. Of course, this isn’t as dynamic as it sounds because I don’t need them any more now I’ve reached my bag limit (pun intended) of seven kids.

I was going to link to the article online but I can’t find it, so I’ve taken a photo and I hope you can read it because I sounds really smarts and edumacated. <FOUND IT>

In a nutshell, on the issue of compulsory vaccinations I’m wary of forcing people to do this. Now as regular readers would know I’m pro vaccinations – big time – but I do think we should tread carefully where this is concerned. That is not to say I won’t support it if it comes to the punch, but I would much rather people were taken on the journey to want to vaccinate their children themselves. Harder than it sounds, I know.

As I mention in the article, when my oldest two children were kids if we had doubts or questions about vaccinations we went to the doctor and he answered them. And they’re just as cluey today. Remember, even prior to going to uni, just to get into medicine, your doctor was academically the cream of the crop. He has a medical degree from a university which took years of serious study to acquire. In fact I think a degree in medicine takes longer than any other to acquire. Your doctor has even continued studying after earning his degree, reading medical journals and the like. He’s genuinely got the run on this.

What happens now, though, is people type a few words into Google and they believe some keyboard warrior drop out dip shit with a gut feeling about something he has no real understanding of. It muddies the water just enough to be a potentially big problem for our communities.

But that’s a rant for another time. Again.

I say, go with the smart people on the coal front with the degrees.

Don’t make them make you.


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  • I couldn’t read it from my phone, but the article was easy enough to google. Very intelligible. I think I’ll officially call myself a dedicated BFLI fan now.
    I agree, vaccinations are important. My kids are all up to date and I’ve had all my boosters. Despite all of my research, I would be inclined to believe they were bad if they were forced upon me and my children though. That would be really poor form.

  • Today I took my son to have his 6 month vaccinations (and got my flu shot). It’s not something I ENJOY doing, the sound of his cry and the look of UTTER BETRAYAL he gives me breaks my heart.

    However, I would rather him have those few minutes of discomfort and tears, followed by days of sookylala-ness and grizzlepants then ever have to watch him suffer through a disease that, in its most benign form, be far more uncomfortable or possibly permanently disfigure, cripple or even kill.

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