The Other Woman

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“Who’s the girl in the photo with Daddy?” Miss6 called out to Tracey.

She sounded suspicious like she knew Daddy was only allowed to be snuggling Mummy in photos.

When Tracey found her, our daughter was still standing in the hallway staring up at the wall. She must have stepped out of the bathroom and happened to glance up. The photo in question was one of two we have hanging there, but as they were both taken on the same day, Tracey knew exactly who the woman was without having to look.

“That’s me, obviously,” said Tracey, maneuvering herself next to the pic so Miss6 could make a better comparison.

“Noooo. In this photo,” said Miss6, pointing at the frame next to her mother. “The princess. With the crown.”

“Me,” said Tracey, taking off her glasses. Tracey believes our kids can’t possibly recognise her in photos if she’s not wearing glasses, and uses this as a reason she has to have laser surgery one day. I’ve suggested we simply draw glasses on all our photos instead. “I’m in the photo.”

And Miss6 actually laughed.

“You’re not a princess,” she told Tracey. “You don’t wear a crown.”

“It was taken at our wedding,” Tracey explained.

And while she hasn’t said as much I like to think, because I have no concept of personal safety, by this point in the conversation Tracey was madly dragging skin back from her cheeks and neck, like someone contemplating a face lift, to try match up better with her photo.

Armed with this new information, Miss6 looked at Tracey…then back at the photo.

…then at Tracey…the photo…Tracey…photo…

Apparently, this went on a bit, with Miss6 frowning a little more each time.

“Ooooooooo,” said Miss6 finally, “kaaaaaaay.” She sounded unconvinced but was nodding – sort of like she was trying to pacify a madwoman and hopefully stop things from escalating.

In other words, she was lying to keep her mother happy.

So even though she didn’t guess the identification of the stranger in the photo with me, at least she got that right.

big family wedding photos-3
Miss12 on hearing this story, “I recognise you, Mum.” Tracey, “Thank you, sweetheart.” Miss12, “But then I’ve known you a lot longer. Like I knew you when you were skinny and beautiful.”
big family wedding photos-1
Only 16 years ago. What the fark happened? To me, I mean, not Tracey. She’s gorgeous still. Unrecognisable but gorgeous.
big family wedding photos-2
Master24 and Miss21 were only 8 and 5, so everyone in this photo is a LOT bigger these days

Big Family Little Income-21

Raising a family on little more than laughs”

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  • My kids said a similar thing one day. They were watching our wedding video and asked ‘who’s the lady in the church with daddy?’ It took a lot of convincing to get them to accept it was their mummy.

    • Is this where I tell you years ago Master24 and Miss21 saw a photo of you on your wedding day and thought it was their mum?

  • Aww!! You guys are so beautiful! And Miss 21 is such a cutey! I’ve not previously see her so young!
    And I nearly spat my morning coffee when I got to miss 12s comment! Thanks for that!!

  • Forget about context, Tracey, just hang on to that “skinny and beautiful” comment. And remind Miss 6 that you are not a princess. You are a queen.

  • Bruce…dude….what happened to you??? Oh kids lots of kids lol. Traci gave birth to 5 babies, fought hard for her life and is still gorgeous…you’re still handsome but in a tired way lol

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