Bacon saves my bacon

Mike Geno

Yesterday it suddenly became apparent that I was in deep, deep doo.

Okay, for the record, I’m on holidays. You don’t look at dates when you’re on holidays. Come on people, give me this one.

Fortunately, there was bacon in the fridge. SAVED! Add some toast, an omelette, tomato and mushroom and my marriage was set to remain on solid rock. Is there anything bacon can’t do?

Not that I had a present to give Tracey today. Not that we ever do exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel we need to. We exchange I Love You’s and kisses and talk about how lucky we are instead.

Unlike my mum. She likes to give dad a carton of beer at lunch. She’s never said so, but I have the impression she’s hoping he’s drunk half of it by bedtime. For some reason. I don’t want to know.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and were spoiled rotten by your better halves.

And with luck you’ll all be makin’ bacon tonight 😉

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