Mummy’s Boyfriend


Uh-oh. Starting to wonder if maybe the awesome power of bacon is on the slide after Miss4 announced, in front of a gaggle of mothers waiting for their kids in the tuck shop area at the end of the school day, that mummy has a boyfriend.

“Yes, she does,” I told Miss4, as eyes began to converge on us. “Me!”

We live in a small town and while I love how people know your name in a place this size, how people say hi and people genuinely care, the flip side is people know you and talk about you if they get even a whiff of gossip. So it’s best to nip these things in the bud fairly early on.

If you can.

“No, it’s not you,” Miss4 corrected me loudly, and one lady who was leaning in to hear what was being said actually had to catch herself from falling off the bench. At least I think that’s why she had to catch herself. Bit of a coincidence otherwise.

“Who is it then?” I asked.

“Mummy’s boyfriend is her boss from the video shop.”

I wonder how he’d feel about that. I should have asked as he was sitting, oblivious, barely ten meters away waiting for his own kids.

I work with eight women. If working with someone of the opposite sex means they’re your boyfriend then I can’t wait until Miss4 tells Tracey about my harem. Plus I better be careful next time I go into my boss’s office for a raise.

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