Furniture shopping at a petrol station

I got a phone call from Tracey late last week.

“You know how we’re not spending money? Well I’ve spent some money.”

Turns out Tracey was putting fuel in the car when she overheard a lady at the next bowser talking about her up-coming garage sale. Fifteen minutes later, after following the woman home, Tracey had secured a tubular bed, which matches our existing kids’ beds in everything but colour, for young Master6. And for only $25.

We picked up the bed tonight. Tracey has been looking on eBay for the past three weeks for a bed for Master6 so we can reshuffle the rooms with a view to freeing up Miss1’s cot for the new baby. Despite coming in a tight budget week it’s all worked out very well I think 🙂

Only thing better than picking up a great deal at a garage sale is getting in before all those other pesky, bargain-hunting people even know it’s on.


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