The Green’s Farm

Football was cancelled due to wet weather but with the aid of some umbrellas and gumboots we had lots of time to explore the Green’s little hobby farm, Te Marua. The kids had a ball, and so did I. 
This time we again picked mandarins and came home with a couple of bags of the fruit as well as a couple of pumpkins and a dozen farm fresh eggs. Mrs Green even cooked up some lovely strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. YUM!
But you know kids – seems they always set out to embarrass you just when you want them to be at their best. In keeping with this ages old tradition Miss4 spat out her cupcake and handed the soggy mess back to Mrs Green telling her it was yucky and then marched to the fridge and demanded to know what else she had. Needless to say she went hungry, the little grub. I ended up eating six cupcakes in a fruitless attempt to over compensate.

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