A Little Pot Can Make You Very Happy

If you have enough room (and it doesn’t take much at all), grow something. There really is something therapeutic about gardening, even a small garden, even if it’s just a pot-plant. I used to scoff at ‘gardeners’, but they are definitely onto something.

Herbs are winners. If you buy a bunch of parsley and only need a little it’s hard to justify even two dollars in a meal that might only cost ten. But if you’ve even a pot-plant with parsley busting out in a sea of greenness you can snip off as much as you like and it costs you nothing.

We grow parsley and basil in pots, and dill, mint and rosemary grow like weeds in the back yard. Like weeds, because neither of us says we planted them where they eventually spouted up and we don’t water them.

The unexpected benefit is the joy I get from using my own herbs. They taste better than the store bought ones, and I don’t think it’s simply because they’re fresher.

What do you think?

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