Compete and reap the rewards

A friend of mine sent me a link to a great competition – Giant will sponsor 30 everyday people, giving them a bike and a bikeshed full of accessories. I’ve thrown my name in the hat, you should too.


I love comps. Tracey and I have won thousands of dollars worth of prizes, including an air cooler ($3000), alcohol ($2500) a Wii bundle ($450), perfume (hundreds of dollars) and makeup (more hundreds, probably thousands).

The best competitions ask you to write something creative – 25 words or less are the best because most people don’t do them and of the ones that do most write things like “because I want it” etc which means they ain’t competing.

And when you join up, look me up 😀


  • We try puns or poems generally. Funny is always best though. It takes time but it’s worth the mental exercise 😀 There are lots of sites on the net with advice. A number of years ago we bought a book for a dollar in a discount bin called How To Win Competitions which had some good ideas. Good luck 😀

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