Hollaback girl!!

We all have expressions we’re ‘famous’ for: little catch cries which family and friends readily associate with us.

My father was a big one for ‘lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas,’ which was particularly appropriate with some of the friends I’ve had over the years.
Mine, also born of necessity, is, “Don’t tell your mother.”

Tracey has one which is more practical and motherly. It tends to be a hollaback with the kids calling out things like, “I’ve found a lolly under the lounge!” or “There’s a donut in the bin!” or even “There’s a dead toad under the car!”
Here’s an example of how it works from this very weekend –
Miss3 hollers from the bathroom, “I’ve got poo on my fingers!”
Tracey hollers back from the kitchen, “DON’T EAT IT!”
See? Simplicity itself.
‘Don’t eat it!’ (the exclamation mark is absolutely essential) is all-encompassing and as integral to Tracey’s parenting technique as the naughty corner.

Remember, when in doubt, ‘don’t eat it!’


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