Uncle Jason Wants To Be A Millionaire

Uncle Jason has surprised us all by applying to go on the popular game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

If Jason makes the cut they fly him to Victoria and put him up for the night. So it’s worth it for a night or two away alone 🙂

After filling out the online application, Jason was invited to attend auditions in Brisbane which reeked of high school – a 30 question spot test he hadn’t studied for. And he passed!! Not bad for an electrician. Following this he had the ‘tell me something interesting about yourself’ quiz and then had a photo taken. It’s this last area I feel he may really struggle to impress with – I mean he does absolutely nothing for me.

One of the questions, Jason tells us, asked him for areas of general knowledge he feels less confident about, and after some thought he wrote Art & Litra, (scribble), Literi, (scribble), Literat, (scribble)….Art & Books.

Maybe he should have put Art & English lol

And now the wait to find out if he gets called up.

What do you think?

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