Remembering not to buy the kids what I want for Christmas

Tracey says when she was a little girl her Mum and Grandma would ask her, “What do you want for Christmas?” and she’d tell them a dolly.

“No,” they’d say, “you’ve already got too many dollies. What else do you want for Christmas?”
She’d think some more and say, “A Barbie car.”
“No, I’m not buying you one of those. They’re a waste of money. What else do you want?”
“Um, maybe some doll’s clothes?”
“No, I’m not buying those. Wouldn’t you rather have some brown towels?”
And so Tracey’s glory box would grow a little with each passing Christmas.
And THAT is why, even though the kids already have a Wii, even though I think they’re a waste of money and even though I’d rather buy them something else, Tracey is insisting Miss7 & Master5 are getting Nintendo DS’s for Christmas.

What do you think?

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