Grandma’s Lambs Brains


These are not for everyone. Judging by the reactions of the members of this family only one in seven people find the idea of eating lambs brains tenable. And even amongst us who love to eat them, I think there’s a real drop off in numbers of those who are prepared to make the dish.

Grandma’s Brandy Snaps


I have no idea exactly how much goodness is in these crunchy little numbers, but on a scale of one to 100 it surely must be soaring well into the single digits.

Also, there is no brandy used in the recipe so can only assume it must be sipped while making them. At least, that’s the road I took.

Slip Sliding Away


“Do you have that book your cousin wrote, the tape dispenser or my silk dressing gown?” Grandma asked me.

The older she gets the more excellent her hiding spots are for her treasures. One day I fully expect she’ll lose her house.

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