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With Tracey asked to fill in a shift today at work and Master18 still staying with Grandad while Grandma is away helping my sister for a month, I only had six mouths to feed at lunch today (and one of those was Miss0). I decided to put those lovely fresh potatoes to good use instead of the standard sandwiches.

Potatoes, 1or 2 each for appetites & spud size
Bacon, two rashers, diced
Onion, one, chopped up
Capsicum, 1/4, chopped up
Shallot, one, chopped up
Sour cream, a tablespoon/spud
Butter, a tablespoon/spud
Garlic, minced, 1/2 teaspoon
Parsley, a few sprigs, chopped
Parmesan, some, grated

From inspiration to table, this meal took 15 minutes to bring together. I know this because after I roughly cleaned the spuds and poked them liberally with a fork, they took 12.5 minutes to cook in the microwave. While they were newking I fried the bacon & onion until crisped and softened respectively, then mixed in the capsicum, garlic and parsley and turned off the heat. A few minutes later the spuds were done, so I put them in their bowls, cut them open, slotted in the butter and sour cream, topped them with the bacon/onion/capsicum mix, grated some parmesan over all this and topped the whole lot with some chopped shallot. Seriously, at the price we got the spuds and bacon, the whole meal probably cost us $4, no more.

But don’t feel obliged to follow this recipe to a T. This was made with predominantly leftovers and what was available. The bacon was the last of the half kilo we took out on Monday; the sour cream was left over from a slow cooked meal on Thursday night; Parmesan is always sitting in the fridge draw waiting to be used in any number of meals, the parsley came from the garden, the capsicum & shallot was leftover from a stir-fry on Wednesday night. Use what you have in the fridge – ham or salami, chicken or taco mince, tinned corn or avocado, carrot or cheddar cheese – and you’ll come up with a meal. Only ‘must-have’ with this dish is the potatoes.

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