It seems my social awkwardness no longer requires me to be physically present.

Last night I was perusing my friends’ Facebook updates when I came across one asking, ‘I want to go somewhere special for our 10 year wedding anniversary this year – any suggestions?’

You bet I have a suggestion. Women tend to over think it.

‘Bed?’ I typed in. I’ve met her husband. He’s a nice bloke, so I don’t mind helping him out.

It was only a few minutes later I scrolled back to her post and saw my comment wasn’t there.

‘Oh?’ I thought to myself. ‘Must have offended someone.’

But then I thought about whose post it was and realized I couldn’t offend her. It wasn’t possible. Her sense of humour is too keen.

And then it struck me what must have happened.

My hand raced for the mouse, or would have if I ever had occasion to put it down.

I began madly scrolling through the posts and located my ‘bed?’ comment after a few seconds on the bottom of a post of my boss’s, which, given the topic of her post, basically read as I was asking if I could pop over.

Despite hastily deleting my message, and blustering my way through an explanation this morning, I spent the day avoiding eye contact with her. I don’t want her thinking I’m easy 😉

my bed wasn't feeling well this morning, so I stayed home to take care of it

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