Spell ‘Fail’

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“Dad,” said Miss5, “how do you spell hiii-eeee?”

I love it when the kids ask me a question I can answer.

“Hi? H. I.”

“No,” she said. “Hiii-eeee.”

I saw where I went wrong.

“Sorry. High. H. I. G. H.”

“No. Hiii-eeee.”

Now I felt I was getting dumber by the second.

“Say it again.”


“I’m sorry, love. Again.”


“Do you mean hi how are you, or up high in the sky?” I had nothing else.

“I mean hiii-eeee.”

“How about you use it in a sentence for me?”

“I just did. Mummy’s right,” she said, sinking the boot in. “You don’t listen.”

Hard to hear. Harder still to argue.

“Well, how about you just repeat the sentence for me? I’m trying to help you here.”

She rolled her cute little eyes, sighed and appeared to study me over imaginary glasses. She really is her mother all over.

Then she repeated her sentence. It didn’t help.

“Dad,” she said, “how do you spell hiii-eeee?”

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

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