How not to make a bed

The lovely Debbie rang up and offered us a cute little toddler bed her brood had grown out of. As we’d just that day gone and put one on lay-by at Big W, it was a very timely gift, saving us $150 (and it as down from $198).

Trouble was, it had to be assembled. Without instructions or a picture to give us something to aim for. I have no idea why, but Tracey thought I was the better qualified of the two of us. She knows better, I know she does, but I think the baby brain was momentarily sucking all the smarts out of her.

And well, I tried. I even did like she suggested and lay all the bits out and counted screws and gathered up the tools before I started, but it still made less sense to me than an episode of Lost. The kidlettes even ‘helped’ me – handing me screws and cracking me in the jewels with a bit of pipe (thank you Master6). In the end Tracey elbowed us out the way and got the job done. Eventually.

Notice the very high framework at the far end of the bed?
That’s not right.

To my great delight it turns out there were two extra parts in the bag of bits we were given and it took Tracey nearly 20 minutes of trying to attach them to the frame before she agreed with me on this point.

Debbie, we love it! Thank you. I promise to take a decent photo of it soon and attach it to this entry 🙂

Passing on quality items, like furniture or clothes, is a way to be ‘green’ while saving money and helping out friends. We love spreading the love and are humbled by people’s generosity when we’re on the receiving end 🙂


  • Have enjoyed reading some of your posts while my little one is asleep. How you find the time to create a blog like this with that many kids I have no idea, but good work. Sounds like your family life is full of happiness and fun. Lucky kids.

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