Lego Weather

 On a windy day like today there’s only one thing on my young kids’ minds – DS. Unfortunately for them I have banned all DS playing until the next school holidays because it really does change their attitudes for the worse.

So in lieu of their Nintendo systems I pulled out the Lego box today and emptied it onto the dining table. Not only did it keep my kids amused for hours, the neighbours two kids also had fun with it when they came over  to play (when they came over to play the DS, my young Master6 informed me pointedly).

Tracey wants to get the kids lots of Lego sets for Christmas this year. The trouble with Lego is that it is so very expensive. And for me personally it’s that I’m the one who has to try follow the instructions to make the little boats or space craft.

Fortunately for us, eBay exists and my wife is very good at auction sniping. From what we’ve seen lately we can pick up thousands of Lego pieces for a fraction of the retail cost.

The kids had so much fun I think Santa will definitely be giving Lego this Xmas.

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  • We love Lego. Although its not so great for the smallest of our offspring atm (14months and a great oral fasination still in place). Also wanted to say I totally support the banning of DS till holidays. We dont have DS, but do have Wii and it has the same effect.

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