Always room for another foot

They had one of these one the cake. Best Cake Decoration Ever.

Took Master6 to a ‘Disco Party’ last night for a classmate of his. It was fantastic – dancing and a magician who pulled live animals out of his hat.

Sitting with the other parents having a chat, a lady told us how she’d recently lost their little puppy because she put it into a kiddy-pen on a lead and went out for the day. When she arrived home she found it had hung itself when it tried to jump out of the pen. For an upbeat party it was a sorry story and there was an awkward silence I thought I’d fill by making a little joke.

“That’s horrible,” I said. “So, do you do babysitting?”

The table burst out laughing, with light happy conversation again on the agenda, until little Mrs Kill-joy added she was a family daycare mother and the awkward silence was reintroduced with gusto.

Where on earth were you Tracey? You know not to let me out of your sight at these functions.



  • Wait, im confused. Here in the states we do not regualry worm our selves. Its very taboo to even admit you might get them, and very hard to find a doc to believe you and write a script. If you admit it, people look at you like you just said toilet water is your favorite beverage. Personally i worm my kids once a year but it is not common. 🙂 just to admit, i did get one once and waited until i loss 10 pounds before treating it. 🙂

    • No worries Sarah 🙂 Here in Australia it’s common practice, at least with the people we know, to worm kids regularly. Not sure what the difference is between here and the states, whether it’s geological or cultural. Worming kids has no social stigma at all, it’s just considered good practice 🙂

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