Blues Brothers

Sometimes I’m glad we’ve got a house full of girls and only two boys who are 13 years apart in age.

Like today, when Tracey was at soccer practice and witnessed the two boys of a friend, aged 6 and 9, going hard at it. It got so heated their mum broke away from a conversation with the other soccer mums to try cool things down.

“You boys stop the bickering right now or I’ll pull out my mummy voice,” she told them sternly. “In public!”

No one wants to be called out by their mum in front of their friends. Well, at least they didn’t back in my day.

Whack! The younger boy sent a hay-maker up into the side of his brother’s head.

“What did you do that for?” the older kid moaned. “Mum! He hit me!”

“Yeah,” said his mum, raising her voice a bit and stepping between them. Clearly, she hoped to sort this out quickly and get back to her chat. “But you were walking along banging your water bottle on top of his head, so what do you expect?”

“But he used his fist!” said the older boy.

Which Tracey thought would bring cries of innocence from the younger boy, but there was none of that.

‘Yeah,” said his little brother, totally unrepentant. “Like this.”

And so saying he demonstrated what he did by leaning around his mum and smacking the older boy upside the head again.

Which got the mummy voice going big time. In public.

Tracey scurried off about then. Not out of embarrassment for the mother or boys, but because she was really struggling to keep a straight face.

Yep. Glad my boys’ fists are separated by a good 13 years.

….although I do wonder what’s in stall for us in the coming years with my house full of girls.

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  • Long time reader, first time commenting. Sorry to burst your bubble, but girls can fight just as much as the boys. In addition, add in cattiness and the ability to hold the most amazing grudges.

    I have a sister, it’s just the two of us. I am not exaggerating, she broke my hand once. We were mostly great mates, but when it was on…

    We are great mates now and often laugh at our old ways. Not sure our parents have found the funny side of our fighting yet.

    Keep up the great blog. Myself and a lot of my friends with kids love it

    • Thanks Jodi 🙂 for reading, commenting and bubble bursting 🙂 We often talk about what’s likely to happen when they start puberty. Making them wards of the state hasn’t been fully rejected yet.

  • Well wonder no more… bitchiness like you have never experienced. Somedays it is constant and others only every now and then. When they go at it, they really go at it. Boys are physical and perhaps a little taunting, but girls KNOW how to hurt without using their fists. Expect crying, dobbing and possible screaming ( also expect something to get broken followed by more dobbing, crying and possible screaming).

    Want to know what can sometimes be worse? Just when two of them have finished expect another two ( with entirely different complaints) to start up. Oh yeah it can be fun. But when they are getting on expect even more noise, shrieking, giggling etc, etc blah, blah, blah!

    It doesn’t stop there expect also, mum to get in on the action occasionally. Around 14/15 at least once maybe twice a year. You have a garage don’t you? 😉

    You’re welcome.

    • Crying, dobbing and possible screaming ?? Sounds like Master8 lol thanks for the head up, Emma. I think I’ll take up rum.

  • Oh girls are waaay worse! They can be so bi#@hy. Scratching, hair pulling…they don’t call ’em catfights for nothing! And let’s not forget pinching :-\ As the eldest of 3 girls myself, there was always the 2-1 ganging up too. As for puberty, it can go 2 ways…. are you aware of the phenomenon where female cycles can sync? Usually where said females live and/or spend a lot of time together. So you’re either gonna have a week or so of all hormonal girls, or they might tag team and it’ll be constant PMS! Good luck with that 🙂

    • Sounds like we were lucky with our oldest two – Master21 and Miss18 – they were great kids. They could argue, but usually it was live and let live. I guess it must have been because they were opposite sexes.

  • I second that girls are wayyy worse… boys whack each other and get on with it…. girls use their words but inflict more pain with their sentiment…. and there is the exclusion….. tweenage and teenage girls can be nasty pieces of work.

  • As a mum of five girls, let me save you the trouble of trying this course of action – EBay won’t let you sell them on there… and it was my last resort too… party poopers :/


  • You have to start laying down the rules as early as possible, even 2 isn’t too young to start teaching them “No you can’t use your sisters makeup when she’s not here” ‘No you can’t wear your sisters new blouse without asking her” “Not you can’t go on a date with the same boy who broke up with your sister yesterday” Oh the joy of teenage girls.

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