Some Of My Favourite Readers’ Comments


Every now and then I read a pearler on the Big Family Little Income Facebook page. Every now and then I remember to make a note of it.

* * *

My daughter, as a toddler, asked her elderly grandma if she had a Vulva and grandma replied, “Oh no, dear. I don’t have a car.”

We got chickens. My Mr 3 didn’t eat meat for two months. Then one of the chickens got attacked by a dog and we put her down. He didn’t eat chicken for a couple more weeks just in case. Lol. Eats meat now. As long as we call it chicken because there are cows in the paddock.

Miss16 helping me look for Mr1’s shoes: Finds one. Holds it up in victory. Then asks,”Now what does the other one look like?”

I think Bananas In Pajamas are so dumb, but I voiced that opinion to my partner the other day and he said they’re still doing pretty well considering they’re bananas. Good point.

We have been told that toilet paper rolls are not to be used at school for construction because of health reasons. Fair enough, yet one of my homemade gifts was wrapped in a KFC box….

Working in a ladies clothing store when I was younger, a mum took her toddler in the changing room while trying on bathers. But when she just had stripped down to her underwear her son throws open the door and yells, “TaDah!”

Our youngest has several whoopee cushions and one time we were making jokes about useless superpowers when our eldest sat on the whoopee cushion and it didn’t work – so now we know what her useless superpower is.  

Last week the youngest said to me that if he had an invisibility cloak he’d spend all his time sneaking up behind politicians when they do speeches on tv and setting off his whoopee cushion grin. The kid’s got potential.

* * *

Thank you to everyone who comments on my blog or Facebook. Likes are great, but I feel like we’re having a bit of a conversation when you write something, and community and interaction are what I really thrive on. Cheers 🙂

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

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