Fishing for fun

Poor sick Miss0 gave us another night of disjointed sleep, and to celebrate our fiftieth consecutive day of feeling like poo we took the kids out to McDonalds for a play. Tonight we decided to try one of these family boxes and it worked out rather well (once we convinced the girl from the counter to swap two of the cokes for two McCafe lattes).

What really made our night though was the couple who were in the play enclosure yelling threats and abuse at their children who were refusing to come out of the play equipment. Even when they finally snared one she raced back up a slide behind their back when they weren’t looking, so they had to start over.

In the end Mrs Totally-frustrated disappeared back to their table and returned with a large toy tractor, which she held above her head and loudly threatened to bin. Shortly after a four year old boy shot out of one of the slides yelling blue murder and screaming for his tractor.

When the whole family was eventually reunited and they left I realised they only had two kids. I thought they were chasing three or four.

On arriving home we congregated in the lounge room because another Wednesday night of family fun was upon us. Tonight, as promised, we pulled out the pack of Fish again and it was a hoot. Miss3 was more excited to give her cards away than when others gave her a card.

Miss6 was having difficulty not looking at other people’s cards – as she raced around behind her siblings to peek over their shoulders. “Sorry!” she’d call out when sprung. “I didn’t see anything though.”

In the end it didn’t help her because it was a three way tie, with 3 sets each. A nice end.

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