She’s leaving on a jetplane

Miss16 is flying off to the other side of the continent today to visit her mother in Perth for the holidays. She hasn’t seen her mum in a long while, so it will be good for them to catch up. Miss16 is especially thrilled she’ll be catching up with her twin siblings.

My mum is leaving for Cairns the same day to visit my sister, so I drove them down last night to Bris-Vegas and dropped them off at my brothers. The trip was a comedy of errors – from a wrong turn which had us squirreling through tight, twisty streets in poorly designed neighbourhoods, to waking up this morning to discover my mum had taken my bag out of the car and placed it with her luggage.

It’s a bit daunting letting my big girl (Miss16, not my mother) go off by herself, but it’s time to start hacking away at those apron strings I guess. 

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  • I feel your pain Bruce… my big girl (20) is jet setting off to Bali and my mother is off to Paris!! I dont know who I should be more concerned about!! Im really enjoying your blog, it always makes me smile! Congrats about Number 7 🙂

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